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The story of Gobi Mongolian Cashmere. Sharing the joy of cashmere everyone can be proud of.

Welcome to GOBI

GOBI welcomes you with our warm heart and warm gifts.

There’s no warmer greeting than the traditional Mongolian custom - giving gifts to those who visit your homes. This centuries-old tradition came about as a deep-rooted practice of hospitality. When someone visits a family, upon the departure of the guest, the host family offers treats or gifts to express their feeling of gratitude for paying a visit. It creates warmth and a pleasant feeling prior to their journey back.

Early History

For nomadic society, paying a visit to one’s family has been considered a respectful event as it usually requires quite a travel and dedication through the extreme weather condition and vast lands of Mongolia. Hence, having visitors, specially from far away, is always joyful as the guest brings news from far off places and interesting conversations about their journey. Treating guests well with their best food and making them feel at home is an unwritten rule amongst the nomads.

Even those in need of food and shelter during their long journey are shown hospitality by families that happen to be settled along their route. As the nature of nomadic culture is a shared lifestyle – same extreme weather and peaceful co-existence of nature and people - treating others well is a profound cultural element. Hence the Mongolian saying of “to make a guest stomach-full, hand-full and mind-full” as a result of good food, fine gifts and pleasant conversations after visiting someone’s home.

GOBI Gifts

At GOBI, we cherish and carry-on our beautiful Mongolian tradition of giving gifts as a sign of appreciation to our customers. Following the unwritten rules, we deliberately do choose the best quality gifts that are useful in your everyday life. Thus, GOBI especially produces our gifts items from scratch, using the best quality fibers found only in Mongolia. As www.gobicashmere.com is our online home, we hope our cashmere gifts will leave you with the joy of warm comfort and a lasting piece of our nomadic cultural heritage.

Gobi Cashmere

It starts with nature

The climate in Mongolia is a bit “extreme”. Nestled in the heart of Asia, Mongolia has a range of geographical zones such as deserts, steppes, and forests. It experiences harsh winters where the temperature plummets to -40° C, and intense summers where it can reach +40° C. Similar to how the grapes that make the finest French wine only grow in the unique climate of a few small regions of France, this extreme Mongolian climate produces the world’s finest cashmere.

To survive in this harsh environment, Mongolian goats have evolved over millennia to grow coats with the finest hairs. Human hair on average is 50 microns, whereas Mongolian cashmere fibers are 14-19 microns. Just microns thin, these fine hairs create an insulating layer that provides warmth on the coldest nights and breathability on the hottest days. It’s these fine hairs that make the world’s softest, most comfortable cashmere fabric.

Gobi Cashmere

Our secret ingredient

There is another secret ingredient to making the world’s finest cashmere – “joy”. It turns out that the best cashmere is made by the world’s happiest goats. When goats are penned in and placed in factory farming conditions, they release stress hormones that produce coats of inconsistent and inferior quality. True joy for a Mongolian goat is wandering the open plains of Mongolia with their family.

Nomadic Mongolian herdsmen learned this secret thousands of years ago. They have found their joy, roaming the plains of Mongolia with their goats in search of the best wild grasslands to graze.

Our commitment

GOBI is committed to preserving this unique harmony of nature and tradition, so that Mongolia can continue to produce the world’s finest cashmere for another thousand years. We buy our raw cashmere from nomadic families, paying fair prices that allow them to preserve their traditional way of life. It’s in our best interest to treat them well, because they are some of our best customers too – nobody appreciates the comfort and warmth of GOBI cashmere more than our herdsmen.

Our joy

Even when you’re working with the world’s best raw cashmere, there’s still a long way left to go to produce the highest quality, most comfortable cashmere garments.

Some manufacturers try to save a few dollars by blending some great cashmere with inferior short hair cashmere from other countries, or even wools from other animals, resulting in fabrics that pill or lose their shape. And if you don’t comb the fibers in just the right way, or set the looms to just the right tolerances, the fabric will be coarse and lose its magical feel.

GOBI’s “joy” comes from bringing the magic of 100% Mongolian Cashmere to life for the world. Our apparel and accessories are made in Mongolia, in a state-of-the-art factory that has Mongolia’s vast grasslands right at its doorstep. Our production process combines techniques and craftsmanship learned over generations with precision manufacturing technology made in Japan and Switzerland.

Gobi Cashmere

Sharing our joy with the world

Over the years GOBI became a household name worn by 9 out of 10 Mongolians and the nation’s largest employer. Travelers from all over the world were visiting our flagship store in Ulaanbaatar.

More than half were leaving with a GOBI garment as a treasured memento of their journey. This made us wonder, “what if everyone could experience the comfort and joy of 100% Mongolian Cashmere?”. It was time to take GOBI to the world.

We knew we couldn’t just set up local e-commerce sites and distribution centers in each country and begin competing with giant corporations…we had to be better.

We started with a powerful promise – the world’s most comfortable 100% Mongolian Cashmere at accessible direct-from-the-source prices.

Thank you!

We are just beginning our journey to take GOBI to the world, and we are excited about what the future holds. We hope that you too will have the opportunity to experience the comfort and joy of our 100% Mongolian Cashmere very soon.