Established in 1981, “Gobi” is Mongolia’s first cashmere manufacturer and one of the largest vertically integrated cashmere producers in the world.





Gobi’s management team meets with Japan’s ambassador to Mongolia, 1977

Established in 1981, “GOBI” is Mongolia’s first cashmere manufacturer and one of the largest vertically integrated cashmere producers in the world that produces 2.5 million products a year.

With a capacity to process 1100 tons of raw cashmere, GOBI manages its entire value chain - from sourcing raw cashmere directly from nomadic herders to processing and manufacturing cashmere products in their massive facilities in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

GOBI blends innovation and creativity with the unexplored opportunities of cashmere to be at the forefront of fashion design and style.

Over the last four decades, they have developed six different brand lines. GOBI, GOBI ORGANIC, YAMA, GOYO, HERDERS and KID GOYO are all appreciated by our customers regardless of season, occasion or location.





Yarn spinning process in Gobi’s factory.

GOBI sources cashmere fiber with transparency by driving a vertically integrated manufacturing system with no single process left unnoticed. The hand combing method preserves Mongolian tradition and leads to a greater quality end-product for their clients. GOBI respects “Fair Trade” practices by removing any unnecessary intermediaries in the production process. This is done to preserve a fair payment for the herders. Every purchase made by our beloved customers will not only be valued by the high quality of the product but also in sustaining the Mongolian herding community directly. GOBI’s vision of the conscious environment and sustainable value chain are the foundations for the finest cashmere in the world.



Gobi’s cashmere manufacturing factory.

GOBI's extensive line of products and collections are made with locally-sourced, high-quality raw materials and processed using advanced technologies combined with years of craftsmanship.

Starting from buying raw materials from herders to making a finished product, GOBI has strict accordance with technological procedures while implementing a quality management system aimed at the constant improvement of their manufacturing factories.

At GOBI, laboratories that test the finished end products follow the international ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard and the ISO/IEC 17025 standards. Moreover, GOBI also implements the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Standard.


100% cashmere in an expansive collage of colors at Gobi.


Gobi’s pride of a large women workforce.

The work of 2,500 highly skilled employees on various production lines begin as soon as the raw material is delivered to GOBI’s factory. As one of Mongolia’s exemplary companies that is known to empower women in a workplace, GOBI puts equality as a key company value. The workforce is comprised of 72% women whose craftsmanship have been the driving force for every stage of the production and one of the reasons GOBI is as successful as it is.





Herd of cashmere goats and a visitor, Sergelen, Tuv aimag province, 2019.

Nature. Harmony. Preservation. These are the essential values of Mongolian herders who have been living in the vast steppe for thousands of years and creating a unique tradition of Mongolian nomads. Inspired by such vision, GOBI corporation looked to combine traditional heritage with modern sustainable initiatives.

GOBI corporation is a member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, a non-profit international organization working with the extended cashmere value chain, from herders to retailers. Founded in 2015, SFA provides an independent, non-competitive platform that enables end-to-end cashmere value chain, non-government and government organizations to come together with a common interest in ensuring sustainability in the cashmere industry.

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance and GOBI have three clear goals:


Environmental resilience in cashmere producing regions.


Improved long-term prospects for herding communities that rely on cashmere markets.


Assurance on animal welfare within the varying stages of cashmere production.


The Gobi Corporation-funded “Sustainable Cashmere Project” aims to support sustainable cooperation to reduce and prevent rangeland degradation and to protect wildlife in rural Mongolia. Through the comprehensive program that unites stakeholders in the cashmere value chain, the project is improving the lives of herders and developing sustainable cashmere industry in the Dornogobi and Bayankhongor provinces. The “Sustainable Cashmere Project” has been in effect since 2018.

GOBI’s commitment to cashmere sustainability is a continuous action and effort supported by devoted organizations such as the SFA.



Our brand

Gobi Corporation is home to six unique brands and each of them have different elements and characteristics designed to complement their increasingly diverse customers.

GOBI is the premium cashmere brand that is affordable luxury for everyone. It offers complete wardrobe solutions for all occasions and stands for enduring style and confidence. Designed for those who want to look effortlessly polished and feel their best.

Gobi has recently introduced the premium brand “YAMA” that celebrates beauty and elegance. Fine natural fibers meet Italian designs to create a trendy yet classic look using 100% Mongolian cashmere. The word “yama” means “goat” in Mongolian (which marks the origin of cashmere) while the Japanese definition is “mountain peak”, which symbolizes the top quality of our cashmere.

White, beige, warm grey, and brown are the naturally occurring shades in Mongolian goats. Each color has its own characteristics. Gobi does not change the organic quality of Mongolian cashmere at any stage of production. Undyed, unbleached products from the “Gobi Organic’’ collection portrays the exclusive representation of organic materials that is made without compromise.

A combination of playful colors and creative design solutions, a harmonization of traditional heritage and modern trends. These directives gave Goyo its own special feature that is appreciated by customers around the world. We collect only the finest quality raw materials and produce luxurious cashmere garments, utilizing international best practices and the most advanced technologies to reach beyond our customer expectations.

“Herders” is a sustainable cashmere initiative piloted by the Gobi company. The project’s goals are to preserve natural and nomadic heritage around the production of cashmere by introducing a sustainable business model to compensate herders. The first goal is to relieve pressure on pastureland by reducing herd sizes. Secondly, the initiative will collaborate closely with herders’ cooperatives and digitally track and target the most sustainable raw cashmere source, thus streamlining the value chain.

We proudly recommend our light and warm Kid Goyo line to the little ones. Our yarn has been certified harmless to any skin by the OEKO TEX 100 standards. Kid Goyo consists of light, colorful, cheerful designs and each one is made with care for your kids to keep them warm and comfortable in any season.






Map of Gobi’s branch and franchise stores.

Internationally, GOBI operates two branch stores in Berlin and Hamburg in addition to its 54 franchise stores in major cities across the world, namely London, Prague, Moscow, New York, Brussels, Milan, Paris, Seoul and Hong Kong. Moreover, Gobi opened its brand-new online store "Gobi Cashmere USA" in 2019. Domestically, GOBI has 7 branch stores including "The World's Largest Cashmere Store" with a 2,500m2 cashmere shopping store in the Galleria Mall that is adjacent to the Mongolian Parliament Building in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Now, GOBI is focusing on its four online stores in an effort to make it more accessible to the world. We believe everyone deserves to wear real luxurious cashmere products. Since Mongolia provides 48% of the global cashmere needs, it allows GOBI’s products to be made out of the finest cashmere fibers sourced locally from Mongolia. Therefore, GOBI is determined to reach its fullest potential in order to deliver the highest quality cashmere products for customers at the most affordable price - regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and location.