Who made your cashmere?

Who made your cashmere?

Your cashmere is not only from the people, but also made by the people. As one of the top 10 employers in Mongolia, we are responsible for the health, safety and development of the +1500 people we employ and their families. From designers to factory workers, our team is made up of diverse individuals of varying ages, backgrounds and professions. Imagined and sketched by creative individuals and then later brought to life, each of our products pass through hands that treat your cashmere with the utmost care, promising quality and stylish designs all developed in-house - a whole living, breathing community involved in making your cashmere. The treatment of our people, providing equal employment, fair treatment, and safe working conditions is the reason we are where we are today, because we know that if we care for our people, our people will care for our products. For every stitch and seam.



Oyun Baatar, 52, born and raised in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, has been working at GOBI for more than 25 years. She is so proud to be working as a seamstress as it is her long loved passion. She says one of the greatest journeys has been working with various people of different fields of expertise and becoming part of an extended family whom she looks forward to seeing every day.


Fiber Picker

Born in Zavkhan province, Naranchimeg Khandsuren has been working as a fiber picker at GOBI for 6 years. The best thing about working here at GOBI is the work atmosphere and colleagues. She says she has met many people throughout her career and every one of the GOBI people have always been kind and considerate to her. She is so proud to be part of one of the biggest companies in Mongolia where employees are the true essence of GOBI.


Sewing Machinist

Bolor-Erdene Bayarsaikhan, 38, born and raised in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, has been working as a sewing machinist for 21 years here at GOBI. Her time at the company has given her opportunities to grow professionally and the skills to operate on world-class technology which she considers as the biggest satisfaction of her work. She is proud of not only what she learned, but of also being able to pass her knowledge to others as a mentor and as a proud member of the GOBI team.


Specialist seamster

Batjargal Bat-Ireedui, 28, born and raised in Khentii province, has been working as a specialist seamster for 3 years at GOBI. As the sole provider of his family, he is glad that he has a full-time job and consistent income during the lockdown period. He says he has learned important professional and life skills thanks to the opportunities GOBI provides for young people.



Baljinnyam Erkhembayar, 26, born in Ulaanbaatar, has been working as a presser at GOBI for 2 years. Trained to be a press operator at GOBI, he is thankful to the mentors and co-workers who taught him the skills he needed to excel in and allowing him to be a full-time team member at a company that has supported the community for generations.


Quality Control Specialist

Born in Zavkhan province, Rolomsuren Ariuna has been working as a quality control specialist for 5 years at GOBI. She is happy to be working in a friendly environment that supports and allows her to grow her best self. To check the quality of the final product, she has learned every phase of the creation stage one by one to ensure every single product meets our standards. She says her pride comes from seeing the satisfaction and happiness of our dear customers.



Bayartogtokh Bayankhangai, 36, born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, has been working as a presser at GOBI for 6 years. He is proud to be working at an iconic national cashmere brand that the locals support. With every member of the GOBI team coming and working together, he is sure GOBI can be a world-renowned brand.



Zolbayar Myagmar, 24, born and raised in Dornod province, has been working at GOBI for 6 years as a machinist. He loves working in an environment full of opportunities for young people and has learned many skills from his trainers and co-workers. He says GOBI has shaped his personality and work ethic as a young adult and hopes to improve himself every day at GOBI.



Gunchinkhorolsuren Ariunbold, 27, born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, has been working at GOBI as an engineer for 3 years. He is proud that he is working at one of the biggest factories in Mongolia. He is incredibly happy he can follow his profession and hopes to further improve his skills with his time at GOBI.



Bolormaa Batsukh, 21, born and raised in Uvs province, has been working at GOBI for 3 years as a mender. She loves working in a friendly and supportive environment and thrives to be a proud member of the team. For her, it's been a great experience to learn the creation process from raw cashmere to the final product. She is happy that the clothes she makes goes to customers not just in Mongolia, but from all over the world.


Quality control Laboratory Technician

Tsetsegmaa Damdinsuren, born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, has been working at GOBI for 30 years. As a quality control laboratory technician, she makes sure that every product complies with international standards and our own set standards. She is proud that GOBI is supplying high-quality, reliable products that everyone can enjoy.



Enkhbileg Tsogtbaatar, 25, born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, has been working as a designer for 3 years. She loves to see her designs come to life by passing through various steps, but what brings her the most joy and satisfaction is when she sees her designs brought to life on the GOBI online shop. Learning to be punctual, productive and active has allowed her to improve her knowledge and skills.



Altansukh, 29, born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, has been working as a dyer for 3 years. He is happy to be working with people who are all dedicated and professional in what they do. The best thing about working at GOBI is seeing how much work and detail goes into making one cashmere sweater and seeing how teamwork is essential to the company.


Spinning Machine Operator

Delgertsetseg, 20, born and raised in Gobi-Altai province, has been working as a spinning machine operator for 2 years. She is happy that despite her young age and inexperience, she's been given the opportunity to be trained and to operate on a big machine. To her, safety is key and so is the responsibility that comes with it.