We trace it so you can trust it


Traceability verifies the history, origin and the journey of a material, or in this case - cashmere. By tracking the process from beginning to end, we provide transparency to give you reliability and assurance around our promise of truly traceable cashmere that is responsibly sourced and produced.


  • 1. Authenticity -


    enabled by the nomadic herder lifestyle

  • 2. Responsibility -


    fair trade with honesty and respect in the workplace

  • 3. Excellence in quality -


    use of high-quality Mongolian cashmere & in-house craft

  • 4. Value -


    affordable price

  • 5. Innovation -


    advanced technological processes

  • 6. Timeless design -


    classic & functional essentials

  • 1. Authenticity -  enabled by the nomadic herder lifestyle

  • 2. Responsibility -  fair trade with honesty and respect in the workplace

  • 3. Excellence in quality -  use of high-quality Mongolian cashmere & in-house craft

  • 4. Value -  affordable price

  • 5. Innovation -  advanced technological processes

  • 6. Timeless design -  classic & functional essentials

Through our traceability, we aim to communicate to you - our customers - what you can expect from our products by way of procurement and a manufacturing ecosystem. From the people and made by the people, you'll discover the nomadic herders of Mongolia and the countryside where you'll get to know our traditions and animal-friendly practices. Along with the community involved in the cashmere creation process and the steps that go into producing it. It's always important to know the story behind your cashmere's production because what you put on your body is as important as how it was made.

Let's start making an educated choice to live a more conscious lifestyle, so we can all change the world for the better one sweater at a time.


What can be an extremely complex supply chain is simplied into 2 main categories and measured by a percentage system. With this traceability measurement system, we are able to monitor 1. our source and 2. the quality and the accuracy of our manufacturing processes. For every product, you can find the traceability score calculated as below:

Raw Cashmere 30%:

When it comes to collecting raw fibers, we make sure to only source Mongolian cashmere.

Country 15%

All of our cashmere originates from the country of Mongolia.

Province 10%

Each province harbors its own unique type of goat that is as unique as their habitat.

Herder 5%

While the exact herder family that handcombs the cashmere is unknown as of now, we are on our way to improving it as we further track down the supply chain.

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Manufacturing 70%:

As the largest vertically-integrated cashmere factory in Mongolia, all of our cashmere is processed and created under one roof.

Who's Involved 35%

From design to production, we're putting a face and name to the skilled workers behind the scenes.

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Processes 35%

At each step of the garment-making process, every detail until the final product is monitored, quality checked and reported as part of a whole integrated system.

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