GOBI and Sustainable Development

Cashmere is a treasure that is inherited from the nomadic culture of our ancestors. Nomadism itself prioritizes the friendly relationship between people and the environment, which makes the concept of incorporating sustainable development not all that new for us. Therefore, we continue to deliver our cashmere products responsibly to our customers, incorporating this cultural identity.
Sustainable Development
This policy documents our commitment to ensure the balance of the environment, society, and governance while producing finished products from raw materials to preparation and delivering them to end users. Mongolian cashmere is something that reflects our culture and heritage and we work towards making it known to the world.
Policy coverage
The scope of the policy is structured to cover all the activities of the organization and the three pillars of sustainable development, ESG, and this scope is not limited to only these sectors.
  • Environment
    The main goal of our policy is to minimize the negative impact of the company's activities on the environment. To achieve this goal, we work together with the best experts in each field to increase the efficient use of water and energy, prioritize zero-waste production, and promote the proper use of chemicals.
    • Society

      Appropriate management of Human Resources:
      We have been making it our primary duty to provide our employees, who are a vital part of our operations, with the opportunity to work in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. We support them to be active citizens who create change and innovation not only in the organization but also in society, and we are working to reflect the growth and development with equal opportunities, and accessibility of each employee within our policies.
      Social Responsibility:
      We believe that everyone's active participation is important in the activities that Gobi is organizing against climate change, and that every step we take makes a difference.We are working towards increasing responsible sourcing with special attention at every stage of the supply chain. This includes environmentally and socially friendly purchases, proper use of pastures, animal welfare, and fair and mutually beneficial trade with ranchers and other interested parties.
    • Governance
      The effective implementation of any policy requires managerial initiative, the ability to monitor and evaluate it, the desire to improve, and ethical leadership. As the management team at GOBI ​​JSC, we focus on providing information transparency, full legal compliance, equal opportunities and equal participation in responsible and ethical operations. In order to have a positive impact on all stakeholders in the long term, it is important to shift to sustainable production.
Implementation & Reporting
The concept and implementation of this policy will be reflected in the activities of all levels of the organization and will be the result of the participation and cooperation of every employee. Integrating, evaluating and reporting the results of the year will be carried out once a year in the form of a "ESG Report" at the organization level, and will be delivered to the public through the Mongolian Stock Exchange and its own web pages.

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