Gobi cashmere
Traceability in every seam

For over 40 years we’ve believed that great cashmere should be comfortable, sustainable, humane, and in your budget - and at GOBI, we’ve proven that it can be.

Gobi cashmere

Quality is never a trend. Since the beginning, we’ve combined centuries-old craftsmanship with high-quality cashmere and manufacturing expertise to create beautiful and comfortable garments.

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100% Raw Mongolian Cashmere

Sustainability means being in harmony with nature. It means preserving centuries-old traditions that have proven, over the generations, to produce comfortable, quality cashmere without depleting the land or harming the animals.

To accomplish this, we partner with the Mongolian herders who have been living on the vast steppes for thousands of years, creating a unique tradition of Mongolian nomads that thrives to this day. Inspired by their enduring craft, Gobi combines this ancient heritage with modern sustainable initiatives to craft 100% pure Mongolian cashmere that must be experienced to be believed.

Manufacturing Excellence

Production Range

We keep our cashmere affordable by only manufacturing our products at the Gobi Factory. While many manufacturers can only produce a specific kind of cashmere garment, our factory is designed to create a large variety of items.

Quality Assurance

We bring the highest-quality cashmere to the world by manufacturing at scale. Instead of using untraceable factories in other countries, we manufacture our responsibly-sourced cashmere in our own factory with our own employees.

Our Expertise

Since opening our doors in 1981, we’ve operated the first goat cashmere and camel wool manufacturing facility of its kind in Mongolia. We combine ancient cashmere tradition and modern technologies for beautifully affordable items.

Gobi cashmere

The respect between our herders and nature is one that we weave into each cashmere fiber. From the hands of our herders to our manufacturing facilities, we combine traditional heritage with modern ways to create the cashmere garments we’re happy to share.

Ethical Animal Care

Humane treatment of animals is deeply intertwined with sustainability and the quality of our cashmere. Our herders opt for humane hand-combing of the goats, which yields an even more comfortable cashmere. We only work with a trusted few herders who treat their flock like family.

Why? We believe you can only provide the best when you work with the best. It is our responsibility to act with fairness not only to our employees, customers, and planet, but the animals that provide us with the gorgeous cashmere we produce.

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Environmental Deforestation Prevention

Inspired by the sanctity of nature and our desire to help it endure, we adhere to the principle of sustainable development and act responsibly for every stage of our cashmere manufacturing. Our supply chain relies on nomadic herders whose activities are closely tied to our ethical principles, including their work to prevent the deforestation that’s threatening the natural habitat where they have lived and worked for generations.

Because these efforts are ongoing, new technologies and new processes are constantly being analyzed and applied to achieve positive results and reduce the negative impacts. As part of these efforts, in the last five years, we have invested in upgrading our old technology with more energy and cost-efficient modern day machines.


We come from nomadic herders who’ve lived closely connected with nature for centuries: sustainability is not new for us. We manufacture goods from traceable cashmere without a third-party influence, all while preserving our traditions for future generations.

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Types of Cashmere Goats

Mongolian land is like a mosaic. Each part of this land has a unique climate, causing goats to grow different colors.

Our Partners

National Federation of Pasture User Groups of Herders

The Green Gold Project, the Mongolian Pastureland Users Association is working together with Digital Medic LLC to develop a tracking system called “Responsible Herder” to increase the prestige of Mongolian livestock raw materials and products.

Step Ecolab

In 2021, STEPECOLAB in cooperation with the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association developed the “Voluntary Rules for Sustainable Textile Production”. We have agreed to the terms to conduct environmentally friendly and sustainable production.

The Sustainable Fiber Alliance

SFA is known for supporting and working together to support the sustainability of natural and pasture resources, provide better living conditions for livestock and improve the efficiency of each participant in the supply of cashmere.

Gobi cashmere
Affordable Prices

It’s vital to eliminate the involvement of middlemen and other third-parties, which traditionally drive up costs, leaving herders struggling to make a living while charging a very high price to the customer.

How We’re Different: The Gobi Retail Model

Gobi’s focus on responsible quality doesn’t add to cost for our customers. In fact, we add even more value with a responsible, traceable approach to manufacturing.


Most companies have a long and complex global supply chain system, increasing costs for the customer. As a Mongolian company focused on sustainability and value, Gobi sources our cashmere locally, helping us drastically reduce the cost and waste associated with supply chain issues.


Global manufacturing adds time and cost while reducing traceability and transparency, increasing risk of dangerous and unethical work environments and decreasing sustainability. At Gobi, all products are made within our factory in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where everything from raw cashmere processing to yarn creation to final production is done in-house.


More steps, more complications, more cost. Global transportation means additional time and money, which Gobi avoids by cutting out the middle men to capitalize off the margins—which means more savings for our customers.

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