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Give the luxury and comfort of all-natural 100 % Mongolian cashmere styles to your loved ones!


Cashmere is possibly one of the most desirable choices for babies and kids. Because they are comfortable, natural, hypoallergenic, soft, and of course warm, our cashmere kid's pants are made with a lot of thought to give them enough freedom for them to move and play. It is also suitable in cold weather. In addition, they come in the cutest shades of colors to make it fun! Because cashmere is less bending compared to wool, if your kid is active, it will be a lot more durable, and let us mention this one more time, cashmere won't irritate your little one's skin and cause any discomfort. GOBI cashmere kid's pants put extra effort into sourcing our raw cashmere. Therefore, you can be at peace with the quality and production ethics. Mongolian goats roam freely on the vast steppes eating the best greens with little to no stress. That's why their fiber is so soft, so warm and so light and known as the best fiber in the world. And you will be reassured by the fact that they are produced responsibly at our vertically integrated factory. Worry less and enjoy your quality time with your little ones because they are wearing premium quality. Pair the bottoms with the matching sweaters to make it even cuter! Shop cashmere favourites and pair them with our cashmere sweaters and cashmere accessories for kids.