Cashmere Care

With the simple guidelines, caring for your cashmere will be easier than you thought. Dry cleaning your cashmere all the time is not recommended. Also, you can easily wash it in a washing machine by choosing short washing program. Make sure you use gentle detergent and water colder than 30°C.

Hand wash

Since most cashmere can be washed, hand wash your cashmere at home for better care. Turn your garment inside out to wash and make sure you use special detergent and water colder than 30°C.


Soak the garment in the water and squeeze gently. Do not wring or stretch the garment to avoid damaging the textile. If necessary, you may soak the garment up to 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the garment in clean water thoroughly but carefully.


After washing, lay the damp garment flat on a towel to dry. For quicker drying, you may roll the garment with the towel. In doing so, roll slowly to avoid wrinkles. While rolling, gently press to remove water. Straighten the garment back to original shape after unrolling. Lay it flat to dry completely. Never tumble dry or hang to dry your cashmere pieces.


After drying, use pilling comb for cashmere. Pilling naturally occurs as the fabric gets rubbed against itself or another surface. Even the highest quality of cashmere can pill.


When storing, fold your cashmere garment and do not use hanger as it ruins the shape. When placing your garment in long-term storage, use a garment bag or box or both. Since cashmere attracts moths, throw in a moth repellent in the box.