Cashmere has never been so quick and easy! With these simple guidelines, you can save a couple of bucks by saving a trip to the dry cleaners. Not all cashmere has to be dry-cleaned. Unless specifically written on the care label of your cashmere product, you can easily wash your garment either by hand or the washing machine.

There are 3 types of cashmere products produced by GOBI Cashmere:

Gobi Cashmere

coats, trench coats, blazers and suits

Gobi Cashmere

sweaters, pants, scarves, hats, gloves, socks etc.

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blankets, scarves, shawls, throws etc.

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Gobi Cashmere

We only recommend hand washing knitted garments. ONLY DRY CLEANING is to be used for woven, sewn or mixed knitwear along with garments with prints, multi-colors and silk blends.


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In lukewarm water about 20°C (70°F), add special cashmere/wool shampoo and stir to dissolve evenly. Soak the garment in the wash basin, but do not leave it to soak for long.

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Squeeze gently until it is clean. To completely remove the shampoo, rinse in clean water thoroughly but carefully. Gently squeeze out the excess water, but do not wring the garment for it will lose its shape.

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To dry, please try to shape the garment to its original form and lay it flat. For quick drying, you may roll the garment with a towel. In doing so, roll slowly to avoid wrinkles. Gently press to remove water. Straighten the garment back to its original shape after unrolling. Lay it flat to dry completely. Never tumble dry or hang dry your cashmere pieces.

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If you choose to iron afterwards, please use a steam iron and adjust the temperature accordingly. When ironing, set up the steam function on your iron and leave a 0.5-1cm (0.2-0.4in) gap between the iron and cashmere garment.

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Is your cashmere garment pilling? Have no worries, pilling is a natural occurrence in cashmere. Pills are the little balls of fiber that start to gather on your sweater, typically in areas where there is friction. Pilling can quickly be removed using a cashmere comb or by picking them off by hand.

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When storing, fold your cashmere garment and do not use a hanger as it ruins the shape. When placing your garment in long-term storage, use a garment bag or box or both. Since cashmere attracts moths, we recommend placing a moth repellent in the box.


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