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Discover our collection of bottoms featuring 100% cashmere and silk blends in a variety of silhouettes.


Cashmere is exceptionally soft, warm, and wrinkle-resistant. Discover our collection of cashmere pants featuring 100% cashmere in a variety of silhouettes to suit your lifestyle. You will find an exclusive selection of men’s cashmere joggers and other bottom-piece options for a great alternative to jeans. Pants are not just a functional piece of clothing but can also encapsulate your style and approach to life. That is why we offer you a relaxed range of men’s cashmere pants that combines style, comfort and warmth for all-day wearability. Discover our organic cashmere pants in laid-back neutral tones that go with almost anything in your closet. Organic cashmere is made without any harsh chemicals or bleach, so you can experience pure cashmere against your skin, great for those with sensitive skin as cashmere is naturally hypoallergenic. If you take care of cashmere, cashmere will take care of you. Well-maintained cashmere clothing can last you for seasons to come. Try our cashmere comb to lightly brush your pants to a like-new appearance. Pack a pair of GOBI’s men’s cashmere joggers and a cashmere hoodie for the perfect activewear look when traveling. Easy to port, easy to wear. Or after a long day in the office, put on our signature men’s cashmere sweater and cashmere pants for an easygoing at-home set. Explore casual to smart pants with fine details in GOBI's exclusive range. Experience the real thing and feel the difference.