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Silk-Cashmere Blend

Get the best of both worlds with GOBI's women's silk cashmere range. Try a cashmere silk scarf and feel the difference.


Get the best of both worlds with GOBI's silk and cashmere range. Two premium fibers blended into one make for an even finer designer material. This luxurious combination is perfect for the warm-weather months by taking your favorite benefits of cashmere and silk and marrying them together. The addition of silk makes cashmere even more lightweight and durable. Silk counterbalances some of the natural piling that may occur with cashmere. And the movement is simply divine! But the real advantage to you lies in this blend’s breathability and moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and warm, making our silk and cashmere material fantastic for women’s activewear clothing. Imagine if you are traveling for work and want to pack light but can’t live without your morning jog. Grab a silk and cashmere activewear set and easily throw it into your carry-on and go. Not sure what the weather will be like during your morning jog? No problem. Our silk and cashmere tank top and biker shorts will allow your skin to breathe and stay dry and warm, taking your comfort level up a few notches without the bulk. In our silk-cashmere blend collection, you will find ultra-light and buttery-soft women’s silk and cashmere sweaters, silk and cashmere tops, and the newest pieces for the warm-weather seasons. Timeless pieces you can adore for seasons to come. Get warm-weather ready with exclusive pieces from our women’s silk and cashmere collection.