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Discover our casual cashmere hoodies and sweatshirts from oversized knits to regular-fit styles.


Our simple yet timeless cashmere hoodies and sweatshirts can make you look more elegant without putting much effort.

Women’s hoodies & sweatshirts are the simplest yet staple pieces of clothing you can wear day to day. When you ignite that with cashmere the end-product is something you can’t compete with. Thanks to the richness of the fabric that cashmere contains it provides a long-lasting lightweight piece for your everyday life. For hoodies and sweatshirts, the lighter the better, hence why our full zip hoodies make you feel like you are wearing a soft, warm blanket. It ingrains a deep sense of calmness. Our cashmere sweatshirt for women's styles expands from hooded jumpers, contrast trimmed hoodies, and zip-up hoodies to hoodies with cable knit sleeves and many more. You may think that cashmere women's sweatshirts and hoodies are more of loungewear and a styled-down look, but it is also a staple piece that can make you look edgier without putting much effort. One issue women have with hoodies is that the hooded back is quite hassling for long hair since it rises up, but with GOBI hoodies due to the fabric and lightweight feel the hood does not rise up and feels as if there is nothing in the back. Shop your favourites and discover new ones.