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Women Poncho

Explore our collection of women's ponchos. Thoughtfully crafted from 100% cashmere in a range of fluid silhouettes.


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GOBI’s women’s cashmere ponchos give you the opportunity to experience the luxuriousness of cashmere in its most versatile form. If you are looking for an elegant cashmere layer that is lighter than a woman’s cashmere coat or more fluid than a woman’s cashmere sweater, then our ponchos are your answer. Ponchos originated in the heart of South America and have long been part of the traditional garments in this area. Ponchos are usually made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, and alpaca. Ours are made of premium Mongolian cashmere fibers for their featherlight feel, supple softness, and long-lasting quality. Ponchos first became popular in the 19th century when they were adopted by travelers and explorers as a practical and versatile piece of outerwear. They were also worn by cowboys and ranchers in the American West who appreciated their durability and comfort, much like GOBI’s ponchos. Explore organic cashmere ponchos with exquisite draping that will frame your silhouette beautifully. Our wide top-layer range also features classic ribbed patterns with comfy wide-neck collars to shield you from the elements. Let’s not forget that some of our ponchos have convenient pockets for the woman on the go. The delicate feel of our women’s cashmere ponchos makes this an easy layering choice. Wear one under or over a coat for an extra layer of warmth. Our ponchos offer quiet luxury that beautifully pairs with jeans to more formal wear. Wrap yourself in cozy in a women's cashmere poncho. Discover the right one for you in GOBI Cashmere's poncho collection.