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Find the perfect cashmere top for you with our range of timeless, soft, 100% cashmere and silk-blend tops.


Cashmere is the perfect material year-round. Find the right one for you in GOBI Cashmere’s exclusive range of women’s cashmere tops from flirty, flowy pieces to streamlined structured tops. As an established premium cashmere brand, we understand your cashmere clothing needs. We offer you elegant pure cashmere tops, ultra-lightweight silk and cashmere blend tops, and comfy women’s tanks. The delicate folds and movement of cashmere make it a fantastic choice for tops. If you are a fan of women’s fine cashmere sweaters, you’ll adore our cashmere tops. Mongolian cashmere is considered to be the finest in the world. Our cashmere is so precious because the nomadic herders we work with hand comb each goat using techniques passed down for centuries to yield a select amount of high-end cashmere fibers each year. Cashmere has been prized for centuries because its fibers are exclusive, sensuously soft, and warm without the weight. Cashmere is also wrinkle-resistant, making our women’s tops a fantastic choice for travel. Cashmere tops are a seamless way to incorporate an endearingly elegant element into your ensembles. The pairing options are endless. Mix and match your GOBI cashmere top with a boho-chic maxi skirt for a blend of warmth and free-spirited sophistication. Or pair a light-colored cashmere top with your favorite blue jeans and high boots for an elevated weekend look. Find the perfect cashmere top for you with GOBI Cashmere’s range of timeless, soft, pure Mongolian cashmere clothing.