About Gobi Cashmere

Mongolian Hircus goats are famous for producing high quality rarest cashmere fiber in the world. Unlike the other countries, it is the dramatic fluctuation in temperature. Throughout the year, rising to above 40˚C in summer and dropping to below -40˚C in winter that helps the goats to grow their beautifully downy under-fleece. The natural crimp of cashmere fibers helps them to interlock during manufacturing process and allows the fibers to be spun into very fine, lightweight fabrics.

GOBI Cashmere is pridefully source the raw materials and produce high- end cashmere products right in the heartland of the most valuable rarest cashmere fiber.

Traditional herders in Mongolia are one of the last nomadic cultures. They still form the majority of the population and their way of life has changed little in centuries. Harvesting cashmere from their goats has long been one of the traditional lifestyles of Nomadic Mongolian people. Each spring, as the weather warms and the undercoat naturally begins to shed, nomadic herders with generations of expertise skillfully and carefully comb out the extra fine down by hand. It is great when people make a purchase from Gobi Cashmere they will be supporting local Mongolian herders and our shared vision for the environmentally conscious and sustainable production of the finest cashmere in the world.


Cashmere fiber quality depends on thickness and length.      

    • The softness 

    Thinner fiber makes garments very comfortable soft.

      • Long lasting

      The long fiber makes cashmere garments long lasting.

        • Less pilling


      Gobi, already a part of Mongolian culture, has always been synonymous with quality and comfort. By the joint effort of Mongolian and Japanese government, Gobi was established over three decades ago, founding a legacy of fine craft and exquisite fabric.

      We are the only manufacturer in Mongolia to maintain the capability to take natural fibers from their raw state, through every stage of the process, to perfectly finished products without any intermediaries that add additional charges.

      Quality, efficiency, and productivity are important. So are human and ethical values. Gobi Cashmere has a strong sense of responsibility with respect to fairer, ethically correct manufacturing conditions. Products from Gobi Cashmere not only is a popular product but also guarantees ethically correct goods, fair business dealings for all participants, sustainable pricing, and humane conditions throughout the production chain.

      Quality is built in to every stage of the Gobi production process. There are multiple stages to our production process and at every stage, we check that the highest standards are consistently being met for thorough quality assurance.