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Cashmere is the soft down found in the underbelly of goats that live in the vast grasslands of Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. Under a goat’s coarse protective outer coat lies cashmere, a much finer fiber, which insulates them from the bitter cold.

Our cashmere originates from Mongolian goats herded by the country’s nomadic people. They still form the majority of the population and their way of life has changed little over the centuries. Each spring, as the weather warms and the undercoat of goats naturally begins to shed, nomadic herders with generations of expertise carefully hand comb the extra fine down without causing any stress or harm to the goats. It is the most sustainable and humane way of harvesting raw cashmere.

There are three grades of cashmere including Grade A, B and C. We offer products made from the finest cashmere of “Grade-A.” The best grade of cashmere is 14-15.5 microns in diameter and some parts of Mongolia even produce cashmere with a diameter between 13-14 microns. It is the finest, the so-called ‘King-Fiber’ which stands out as top quality above the others.

The easiest way to check cashmere quality is to touch the cashmere. Even with a slight touch, you should feel the smooth and pleasant sensation if it is a “Grade A” cashmere. The softness of cashmere positively correlates with the cashmere grade. The length gets shorter and the diameter increases with low grade cashmere.

Depending on the product type, different care instructions are recommended. Carefully go over the label attached to the product. We recommend dry cleaning for the cashmere products for the long durability and freshness. Please refer to our Cashmere care page for more information.

Pills are the little balls of fiber that start to gather on your sweater typically in areas where there is friction. It is a natural occurrence that should cause no worries. Gobi cashmere sweater pills only once or twice depending on the garment type. Pilling can be quickly removed with a cashmere comb or easily picked off by hand

White, beige, warm grey, and brown are the naturally occurring shades in Mongolian goats. Each color has its own characteristics. Gobi does not change the organic quality of Mongolian cashmere at any stage of production. Undyed, unbleached products from the “Gobi Mongolian Organic Cashmere” are made without compromise which explains the softer feel.

We proudly recommend our products to people of all ages including your little ones under the age of 1 as our yarn has been certified harmless to any skin by OEKO TEX 100 standards.

Mongolian cashmere is distinguished by an incredibly soft finish, which is the result of delicate fibers that are almost silky to the touch. It doesn’t have the itchy quality of wool but still provides insulating warmth without having to be wrapped in layers and layers of it; hence why Cashmere is such a wanted fabric.

Despite being warmer than wool, cashmere is highly breathable and lightweight. Cashmere is hygroscopic, which means that unlike synthetic fibers, it is a naturally breathable material. It has a high moisture content and as the humidity changes in the air so does its insulation making it comfortable in all climates, even during the summer.

We do not recommend wearing your cashmere products in the rain. However, the fibers in cashmere have water repellent exteriors and the interior attracts water. This means that it attracts moisture, such as water, away from the body. So, you should still feel pretty cozy if you wear cashmere in a mild, rainy day.


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