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Gobi Cashmere


The Idea

GOBI started when the Mongolian government made a decision to build a goat cashmere and camel wool processing factory in Ulaanbaatar city with the grant provided by the Japanese government.

Gobi Cashmere


It Begins

After years of work, GOBI opened its factory with goat cashmere and camel wool manufacturing facilities, technologies, and machinery that was the first of its kind in Mongolia.

Gobi Cashmere


International Standard

GOBI became the first factory in Mongolia to receive the International Quality Trophy and Certificate by introducing the international standard ISO-9000 being able to proudly export 98% of its products.

Gobi Cashmere


Expansion & Improvement

Through the years, GOBI improved its manufacturing by adding capabilities to produce cashmere blankets, cashmere fabrics, drape and fine number yarns in its second factory “Gobi-2”.

Gobi Cashmere



Gobi JSC became fully privately owned after “FCI” LLC purchased 73.45% of Gobi's state-owned shares at an international open auction.

Gobi Cashmere


30th Anniversary

Celebrating the 30th anniversary, GOBI by this time had doubled its production capacity and continuing to grow by starting partnerships with international designers to improve the diversity of product offerings.

Gobi Cashmere


New Capabilities

GOBI continued to improve by adding a “Whole Garment” machinery, a different type of knitwear technology.

Gobi Cashmere


Global Store

In order to share our cashmere with the world, we opened our first official branch store in Berlin, Germany.

Gobi Cashmere


Global Expansion

Gobi Cashmere


Bigger & Better

Gobi JSC merged with Goyo LLC and successfully completing one of the largest mergers in the global cashmere industry.

Gobi Cashmere



GOBI was awarded the highest state award, the “Sukhbaatar Order”, highlighting the level of excellence and quality we have reached since our humble beginning.


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