YAMA cashmere Spring Summer 2019 collection is traversed by the vibrations of borderless world, connecting opposing spaces, and bringing together the perspectives of the past and the echoes from the future. Everything is mixed and shared: ideas, perceptions and lifestyles are condensed into a contemporary vision.

Each form is a stimulus, every detail contains a world: energy is concentrated in a moment, in a feeling, in a quiet confidence.

The new collection is dominated by a soft remake of sorbet dyes for a fresh flowery as well as a refined romantic look. The palette includes delicate yet vitaminic colors, such as pearl gray, lilac, purple and emerald with a touch of coral for a sensual and discreet femininity.

It is a new challenge, with an implacable excitement.

Bezzi Luisella

Bezzi Luisella , creator of Yama cashmere is an Italian designer with many years of experience gained in the world of men’s and women’s fashion, for numerous internationally renowned luxury brands achieving excellent results.

Luisella is a creative and solar person, immediately keen on the immense world of knitwear, she creates contemporary “haut de gamme” products, not traditional but with a sartorial soul, studying exciting and emotional items. Each of its garments comes from the constant search for balance and harmony, developing a precise aesthetic idea, according to the market needs.

For Yama cashmere creates an elegant collection with a relaxed gait, intertwined with natural materials and a whispered sense of luxury, for a sophisticated yet modern style.