All Kid's

Our 100% Mongolian cashmere styles are made with love and care for the little ones to roam in comfort on their daily adventures!


Bring joy to your little ones with our soft Mongolian cashmere. Our cashmere for kids is 100% cashmere pieces made specifically for the little ones. All we want to do when we are young is to run around and play all day. This gets hard when the weather turns gloomy and cold, our GOBI cashmere for kids gives your children the opportunity to play like the day never ends. Colours that spark light and sunshine, your kids will put these pieces on themselves.  Hats  that keep your kid’s head warm,  sweaters  and  trousers  that keep everything else warm, who would not want to get these for their children? We provide you with colours that represent the sky, clouds, and the ocean. If you are wondering how you will keep up with all the messiness and dirt that will appear in the pieces, since of course, a kid will not be able to just keep clean all day long, please look through our cashmere care guide and read about how to keep your cashmere in the best quality for a long time. The most important aspect of our Kid’s Collection is that it shows how cashmere is for everyone and that everyone deserves a little cashmere in their everyday life. Shop your favourites and discover new ones.