All Women's

The womenswear styles are purposefully designed to create wardrobe essentials that will last a lifetime.


With our women’s cashmere pieces, you will feel the vibes of ease and well-deserved comfort. Our elegant and stylish staples make for a wardrobe essential. 

What do you define as the perfect wardrobe for all women? GOBI Cashmere has been distributing high-quality pieces that can be styled for every occasion. Because of its warmth, cloud-like softness, and strength, it is believed to be rare which is why it has long been considered a luxury in the fashion world. We at GOBI believe that cashmere should give  quality, value,style,and sustainability with every piece of clothing. Feeling elegant and classy yet always having that little edge to your looks is what we all want. With our women’s cashmere pieces, you can feel the most comfort and softness a cashmere can provide. We design our products varying from basics to occasional and all in all styles that will last a lifetime. Our pieces provide styles for all ages and make you feel the most you that you can be. 

Looking for a luxurious fabric to drape over your body? Look further to our new collection. This fabric is soft, light, and perfect for daily wear. With its high quality and unique properties, cashmere is a must-have for any woman. Shop now and enjoy the best dealson our newest arrivals!