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A collection of 100% Mongolian cashmere wardrobe-essentials. Elevate your comfort and style.


All men desire a fashion-forward aesthetic that is not presented as trying too hard but not dialed down as much as it looks slouchy. For our men's cashmere, quality and comfort are a must when deciding what to wear. We at GOBI prioritize the ideal aspect of combining style with comfort. From designs such as C-necks, polo jumpers, hoodies& sweatshirts to men's cashmere coats You get the choice of simple and basic products as well as classic and design-focused pieces from GOBI's men's cashmere, you get what you envision. Our designers create cashmere products translating recent trends and each season brings you a selection of pieces that fit your mood and style. Highlighting the fact that colour contrast for menswear is quite significant when it comes to trends, we at GOBI provide colours that blend well with day-to-day wear and can be styled down or dressed up. We give the choice of colour, size, and style for all ages, which is why our men's cashmere pieces are timeless and never get old. Shop your favourites and discover new ones.