Cashmere Men coat

Take your look to the next level with our luxurious 100% cashmere and silk-blend coats.

Is there anything more distinguished than a man in a pure cashmere coat? Explore men's cashmere jackets to men's double-breasted cashmere overcoats in GOBI's exclusive range of coat designs. Cashmere coats have been a symbol of royalty and those with discerning taste since their production and export from Mongolia in the 18th century. Cashmere wool is much lighter and softer than your typical wool. Cashmere is breathable, hypoallergenic, and wrinkle-resistant. The premium quality of Mongolian cashmere is unparalleled. Whether traveling or commuting to work, a cashmere coat will be the perfect companion as you will look sharp wherever you go. Create a high-end look with one of our lightweight, breathable, and soothing cashmere sweaters with a cashmere coat for men. A classic lapel coat in a neutral tone with a cashmere sweater in a bold shade will help you show off your style without compromising on quality or comfort. Sometimes wearing layers makes the most sense. In this instance, pair a cashmere cardigan with a men’s full-length cashmere overcoat for a variety of comfort levels. A cashmere coat does not solely have to be business attire. You can pair your GOBI cashmere coat with your favorite jeans and loafers for an effortless look that will never go out of style. You will also find cashmere jackets in on-trend designs to make your casual outings a bit more stylish. Don’t worry about maintaining your GOBI cashmere coat or jacket. Simply dry clean, fold in a breathable garment for storage when not in use, and occasionally brush your coat or jacket with one of our cashmere combs. A looked-after cashmere coat will last you for many seasons, making a cashmere coat a great investment for your wardrobe.